Thursday, November 25, 2004

The day I start to cook

The day I started to cook was a disaster. The kuali was burnt badly and my food was HANGIT. shame.shame.shame on me. I was 26 years, and for Malaysian I'll be categorized as anak dara tak laku (low potential to get a husband) since I don't know how to cook!

My mom never taught me how to cook. She's so fussy at her cooking utensils and she's 'one-man show' chef. I never wash my plate since she used a different sponge for plate, different sponge for cups, different sponge for her tupperware colection etc. It is illegal to enter her 'territory'(the kitchen) while she's cooking. Sigh!

Thank God, I have moved to Penang and lived with Kak Nani & Kak Lela. From here, I start to develop my passion of cooking until now...even my first meal was hangit. My university room-mate, Kak Winna told me that I have a talent to cook based on my fat finger :) is it true? Well after 2 years I managed to cook even not as perfect as my mom but my hubby and friends loves my cooking. Yes, I get married not bcoz I know how to cook but for other reason; I'm his soul-mate. Heck ;)


Blogger babablacksheep said...

alociknat.. walla.. your friend in kiwiland here now is the worst cook in the world! (no wonder still not married lor!!) i burnt my rice the other day.. shame shame.. no rice cooker ma... and here they're using electric stove (which i've never used before).. donno how to adjust!

6:01 PM  
Anonymous pej said...

wahhh...babablacksheep..cooked rice using electric time do try use oven..see what will happen heheheh..

9:51 AM  

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