Saturday, November 27, 2004

Marton Corner

Last week, my husband & I having dinner at Marton Corner. Actually this is an open restaurant at the back of my house, Batu Uban. Since it is quite 'near' to my house (we have to cross the 6-lanes road), my husband always insists me to walk to the Corner. Of course, I won't do that. I can't imagine walking back home with my stomach fulls of food ;)

Here, at Marton Corner which offers variety of local/siam food, famous with its ikan bakar special(). Anyway, I just like the vege soup, the taste; lovely! The soup are hot and condensed with chicken's stock. I think this is the best vege soup in Penang. Unfortunately, the service is slow esp. at the peak hour. You have to wait 45mins - 1hr to get your foods ready:( So if you want to try its delicious vege soup, do the ordering first. You won't regret


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