Thursday, October 12, 2006

Siri 2 - Majlis Berbuka Puasa : 7 Oct 2006

Again, happens, the well-organised Majlis Berbuka at our home at Lufbra with 2 families : Kak Mimi's & Elina's. We have a long nice chat and makan-makan. From Korma to Nasi Warna-warni (according to Jiha, hehe...), Pratha Power Puff and Blueverry Ice Cream. My husband and I are so glad that we managed to cook for another 2 beautiful families. Thank you for coming.

Menu of the day: 1. Nasi Warna-Warni 2. Ayam Perap Sate 3. Daging Masak Hitam Mami Penang 4. Kerabu Tomatomato - my Fav! 5. Pratha Power Puff ... Girls 6. Chicken Wing Parsley (Kak Mimi's) 7. Fruity Cocktaile 8. Blueberry Ice-Cream 9. Keropok Udang-Veg, from Brunei! 10. Profiteroll

Wanna see more pictures? Visit here

More to come...Siri 3 - Majlis Bebuka, 14 Oct 2006


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