Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Majlis Takbir 1427H Session

It's 1 Syawal 1427H. Tinggalkan Ramadhan dengan kesedihan, sambut Syawal dengan kesyukuran. The night of Syawal we start with Takbir Raya session. So, syahdu...I never did this back in Malaysia. In Lufbra, the Takbir Raya been divided in four zones - Morrison Zone, Town/ Train Station Zone, Tesco/Sutton Zone, and Burleigh College Zone. My house is in the Town/Train Station Zone and the Takbir Raya session start around 8 pm until 1130 pm. I cooked bihun kuah as main menu and raya cookies (specially posted from Malaysia) as dessert.


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