Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Moi and the swollen gum.

Moi @ bubur nasi

Such a bit shock waking-up on last Sunday morning seeing my husband cheek bloated ... he said he got a swollen gum. We keep wondering why suddenly the gum become swollen because on the day before in fact, the night before, the tooth, the gum are in the good condition. But than, I called my Big Brother, and he told me that may be my husband is facing a wisdom teeth problem.
The cause of impacted wisdom teeth is the teeth often don't have enough room to erupt because modern human beings have a shorter jawbone. This causes wisdom teeth to grow slanted, horizontally, or even to be completely buried inside the jawbone. In the end, the gum will swollen badly like what happen to my husband. Anyway, this is only an assumption from us. We still need to see the dentist to get the right pescription.

I end up cooking moi or bubur nasi for him since he can't chew properly. Below is the moi recipe.

Rice (1 pot), Water (1 liter), daging (cubic), carrot (cubic), potato (cubic), and salt to taste, Pour all in the ingredients in the cooker. Cook as you cook normal nasi.

Garnish with telur masin or ikan bilis goreng.


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