Friday, January 26, 2007

Nasi Tomato [Tomato Rice]

Let's cook Tomato Rice today. I'll show how to cook the Tomato Rice step-by-step. Below are some steps that I'll point out:

Soak the basmathi rice for 1-2 hours. After that, clean the basmathi rice thoroughly with pipe water for about 3 times (depends on how clean is the rice you want. If u r the Bree's type of person[from Desperate Housewives] probably you'll clean the rice more than 3 times!). Pour the cleaned rice in the rice cooker. Add fresh sweetcorn*(fyi, the sweetcorn from Tesco is much sweeter than Morrisons), carrot(cubic), and the stir-fried ingredients[tumis darat].
*My abah always add sweetcorn in his nasi tomato recipe. He said: " the sour taste of fresh tomato blend with the sweetness of corn produce a lovely taste (masam2x-manis)." The rice also will look fancy with colours - Ooouh...!Luvly!

The stir-fried ingredients or bahan Tumis Darat:
shallots, garlic, red onion, ginger - machine or pound all the ingredients.
Hot the pan with vegetable oil (I didn't use minyak sapi. Vege oil taste better). Stir-fry the pounded ingredients with rempah 4 beradik [bunga lawang, bunga cengkih, buah pelaga & kulit kayu manis] and Pandan leaves. Salt to taste. After yellowish or dah garing add in the rice cooker. Mix with the other ingredients.

I never used ready-made tomato puree when I cook tomato rice instead, I machine the red&ripe fresh tomatoes. Produce pure and core tomato liquid - much better. Pour it in the rice cooker.

Aha! Don't forget to add fresh milk. One of the most important ingredient too.... Than, cook the rice as usual.

After the rice is already cooked, add giant peas and raisins. Mixed well. I used giant peas as above - softer than normal peas even Nigella Lawson opts to used that giant peas in her cooking.

Walla! This is what the Tomato Rice will looks like at end of the process. Fancy ??!

Let's eat! with Chicken Dhal and Papadam.


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